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Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation

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Maari Ma Health Organisational Structure

As an Aboriginal organisation Maari Ma has a Board of Directors (aka Peak Health Council) that is comprised of one community representative from each of the major towns or shires in Maari Ma’s catchment region (Refer to the map of our region). Board members from Menindee, Broken Hill, Tibooburra, Wilcannia, Wentworth Shire, Ivanhoe and Balranald currently drive the operation and development of the organisation.

The Regional Director (CEO) of Maari Ma Health manages the organisation on a day-to-day basis and has a number of operational arms that reflect the activity and development of the organisation.


Regional Office

This is the strategic headquarters for Maari Ma Health based in Broken Hill. The office is the base for the Regional Director and his strategic development staff; the Lower Western Sector Management Team; the Performance Arts Project and Corporate Services. Corporate Services comprises a Finance Manager and a Finance Clerk. The Regional Directors Executive Assistant shares an office with the Corporate Services team.


Primary Health Care Service

In Broken Hill a Primary Health Care Service has been established as per the communities expressed wish during the Morey-Best consultations. This service is developing beyond the traditional AMS model in that it has fully trained Aboriginal Health Workers who work closely with non-Aboriginal nursing and medical staff. In addition to clinical activities the service is also developing a number of preventative and early intervention programs.


Lower Sector Agreement

This agreement has been struck between Maari Ma and the Far West Area Health Service (the main provider of public health services in Far West NSW). Under the terms of the agreement Maari Ma Health provides management services to the FWAHS in relation to the ‘Lower Western Sector’ of the Area Health Service.

This entails financial management, staff recruitment and provision of day-to-day direction to each of the health services in the sector. These services range from hospital and community health facilities to small health posts providing outpatient clinics only. The health services of the Lower Sector are located in Tibooburra, Menindee, Wilcannia, Ivanhoe, Balranald, Wentworth and Dareton.

 Maari Ma will provide a number of key documents to the successful tenderer containing further detail about its work, structure, practices, policies and direction, as well as access to all relevant files (refer CEO) and personnel. Documents to be provided will include the results of a previous review undertaken for a similar purpose.

Personnel from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care will also be available as a reference point.

Maari Ma employs three staff to manage the Lower Sector – General Manager, Operations Manager and Aboriginal Health Coordinator. The FWAHS pays Maari Ma a fee for the service provided. The detail of arrangement is contained in a Memorandum of Agreement, which has recently been endorsed by the Boards of both organisations for 5 years.


Former Wilcannia Coordinated Care Trial

Maari Ma manages a former Round One Aboriginal Coordinated Care Trial that involves a pooled funding arrangement between the Royal Flying Doctor Service, FWAHS, Commonwealth Health and Homecare Services. Maari Ma is the fund holder.

The project is aimed at developing a comprehensive and coordinated primary health care approach between service providers in Wilcannia, a town with a predominantly Aboriginal population.


Youth Performance Art Project

Maari Ma is the auspice body for a unique Arts based program that revolves around physical theatre. This program is targeting young Aboriginal people in a number of communities and has developed links with international organisations such as Oxfam Community Aid Abroad and Cirque De Soleil.


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