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Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation

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Maari Ma Peak Health Council

The Maari Ma Peak Health Council is the title given to the Maari Ma Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of a democratically elected Aboriginal representative from each of 7 communities in the Maari Ma catchment area and are elected for three-year terms. Elections occur every third year at the Annual General Meeting and all full members are eligible to vote.

The current Peak Health Councillors are key members of each of their communities. They have each established local community planning committees, which they chair. These committees consult with their local community to develop a plan for Aboriginal health issues they would like addressed in their communities.

The Peak Health Council is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organisation and for raising issues in their communities that should be addressed by the executive staff.

The Peak Health Council meets at least 4 times a year (often more) and they receive reports from all senior staff that have key areas of responsibility in the organisation. The Peak Health Council also receives a Financial Report at each meeting.

The Peak Health Councillors both individually and collectively bring to Maari Ma many years of experience in working or directing the activities of Aboriginal organisations. This experience has helped shape the organisation and ensures that Maari Ma maintains its focus on community needs.


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