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Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation

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Maari Ma Health Background

Maari Ma Health is a Regionally focussed Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service incorporated under the Aboriginal Councils of Associations Act 1976. The organisation was established in November 1995 following an extensive community consultation conducted by Sue Morey and Jack Best on behalf of the Murdi Paaki ATSIC Regional Council.

Morey and Best produced a report based on the consultations entitled “An Optimal Approach to Delivery of Health Services to Aboriginal People”. Most communities consulted did not favour the establishment of separate Aboriginal Medical Services in their communities. Instead they wanted more say in the delivery of existing health services and for those services to employ Aboriginal Health Workers.

The Broken Hill community was the exception in that the community felt that existing services (including GP Services) were not meeting their needs. The community expressed the wish for the establishment of an Aboriginal Medical Service.

Maari Ma Health (known as the Far West Ward Aboriginal Health Service in 1995) applied for funding from the Commonwealth to establish the organisation. Maari Ma commenced business in November 1995.


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